Anti Doping

Drugs and Sports Law

Drug use is seen by many as the main scourge of modern day sport.

Athletes who are clean feel at a disadvantage, audiences become cynical and lose interest in sport, and as seen recently with the British Olympic case of Dwain Chambers, it can create real divisions in a sport.

There are demands on athletes to be available for drug-testing. They have responsibilities to their governing bodies. Athletes have to beware of their medication even for a common cold.

The media coverage is intense, as accuations are made and denied. The areas of proof, procedure and sanctions are all open to legal interpretation and require detailed legal responses.

Keith McGarry has presented a Masters Thesis on Cheating in Sport, and has represented high profile athletes in anti-doping cases.

He is a trained Solicitor Advocate and is well practised in representing athletes in hearings.

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