There are a growing number of legal cases arising out of disciplinary and grievance procedures in Northern Ireland.

Most sport in Northern Ireland is amateur, both taking part and administrating.
Clubs, societies and governing bodies are run by volunteers. Individuals give their valuable time and “do their best” for the sport.

Grass roots sports in Northern Ireland

But what happens when the well intentioned “best” is challenged? A disgruntled athlete not selected, a parent concerned about their child’s welfare or a body of the membership displeased with a committee or council decision?

A carefully drafted constitution and set of rules are required to deliver a clear and easily understood procedure, setting out the mechanisms for challenge, appeal procedures and resolution.

Not all challenges can be avoided, but being prepared for potential disputes is essential.

SportsLawNI can provide guidance and advice to ensure that robust proceedures are in place to deal with legal challenges. More clarity results in easier problem solving, enabling those committed to helping their sport to continue with confidence.