Sponsoring and Merchandising

Marketing Sports Products

Sport is big business. In 2008 in Northern Ireland £688 million was spent by consumers on sport related goods and services. Sport related activity added £638.6 million to the Northern Ireland economy, and 17,900 people are employed in sport related work.

The demands of sponsors in sport are increasing with the level of their investments. The internet and social media are creating new demands on the management of image rights and brand names.

Areas that need clear and experienced legal direction include:

  • sponsorship
  • endorsement
  • merchandising
  • image rights
  • social media

Contracts can be required in each of these sports sectors. Expert legal and contractual advice from an early stage can prevent costly and time consuming legal actions later.

Keith McGarry has worked with governing bodies, sports good manufacturers and sports stars. He keeps up to date with sports law and delivers clear, practical and precise legal recommendations.

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